Your home at hand

DiCEworld IoT made in Italy

DiCEworld is an Italian company founded in 2018 with the aim of being the first Italian reality specialized in the development and production Made in Italy of IoT systems for the smart home.
Our mission is to create smart solutions to improve the living experience inside your home, for the well-being of the individual and his family, also reducing their environmental impact.
Our solutions allow to monitor and collect complex environmental data and, thanks to the use of AI algorithms and Machine Learning, transform them into an output of immediate understanding for the end-user, through innovative interfaces.

We offer three solutions for your home environment

Energy pack monitoraggio consumi domestici


System to keep under control the energy consumption of your home thanks to a light color code. Discover in real time your consumption data and learn how to contain the costs of your bill.

AIR, sistema di monitoraggio della qualità dell'aria di casa


Home air quality monitoring system. The sensor detects volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity and communicates them in real time via light system and via app.

Light, lampada multicolore a led, design made in Italy


Design and touchless LED lamp perfect for every use and every room in your house. Entirely Made in Italy, with infinite colors and intensities. It is ideal for work and relax with the possibility to create custom scenarios.

How to improve wellness in your home?

We design and develop IoT devices so that they truly serve your home, your family, and each individual family member. For each person we think about new modalities to interact with their homes and new ways to increase their comfort.
That’s why we embrace multidisciplinary technologies and new interfaces to propose solutions that are simple and immediate to use, for home and family.

sistema completo per la casa, ENERGY, AIR e LIGHT

People and Technologies,
our idea

All of our IoT devices are as unique as the user experiences they deliver: they encapsulate artificial intelligence in simple interfaces that work through touchless management and communicate with lights and colors.
Apps for remote control, receiving notifications, reading and comparing data are easy to use and make the user experience even more unique and innovative.

DiCE SMART hub works with gestures


Innovation means breaking down barriers. That’s why we created a new IoT language that is as simple as it is universal, in which gestures, lights and colors have made words superfluous.

Nomination for the Compasso d'oro 2018 DiCE SMART


The design which is expression of the peculiar Italian creativity is our constant inspiring principle. We create efficient and functional devices that give equal value to user experience, quality of interaction and aesthetic beauty.

DiCE SMART manages electricity consumption


Our devices are born with a strong environmental sustainability in mind: they help to optimize electricity consumption and improve household habits. In an interconnected world also sustainability becomes interlinked.