With ENERGY PACK and ABnow app your energy is under control.

Monitor the amount of spending and energy consumption in real time

Keep track of CO2 avoided and trees saved through green energy.

Check details of energy activities, minimum and maximum consumption and distribution of consumption by time slots.

Find out, in real time, how much electricity you consume so you can keep your utility bill costs down.

ENERGY PACK traffic light code

A traffic light code to understand home consumption.
The DiCE SMART traffic light code helps you understand the level of consumption of your home.
Each color corresponds to a level ranging from green to flashing red: at a glance you can keep your consumption under control, and improve your habits.
Learn about your consumption levels and reduce waste and costs on your bill.

What do the colors mean?

energy pack verde, bassi consumi

The green color represents the consumption of appliances in stand-by, such as the TV, and the refrigerator. It is the basic consumption of each home.

energy pack giallo, consumi medi

The yellow color represents the consumption of small appliances, as well as all the appliances in stand-by in the house.

energy pack arancio, consumu medio alti

The orange color represents the consumption of small and large appliances at the same time, but without the risk of overloads.

energy pack rosso, consumi eccessivi

The red color represents the consumption of large energy-intensive appliances, which risk alarming the system.

Why is it useful?

educare i figli all'uso dell'energia
Teach your children the correct use of energy.
usare l'energia in modo consapevole
You use appliances in a more conscious and controlled way.
verificare i consumi energetici fuori casa
Check your consumption even when you are away from home.
risparmiare sulla bolletta dell'energia elettrica
Keep your bill costs low thanks to a balanced consumption.

At home you see the colors

Thanks to the language of colors, DiCE SMART communicates the level of consumption in real time in an immediate and intuitive way.
At any time you have the precise situation of your home.

energy pack colors

Away from home, consult the app

Outside the home you can always consult the app, which alerts you with notifications in the event of a blackout risk. In the app you will also find all the current and historical data of your consumption, to be able to monitor your home over time.

How does Abnow work ?

Connected to the home Wi-Fi network, DiCE SMART – ENERGY PACK helps you to control and manage energy consumption. Consumption data is collected by the
D·ENERGY sensor which is connected to the meter and communicated through the colors on the device from a home location or via the ABnow app.

Download the ABnow app to activate the system, follow the easy guided procedure to install the devices (DiCE SMART and D· ENERGY that you find inside the pack) and start using the system.
In the app you can view current and historical electricity consumption, manage your devices, set maximum thresholds and receive notifications in the event of high energy consumption that could generate a blackout.


ABnow App
dispositivo DiCE SMART
DiCE SMART device
energy pack, sensore per leggere i consumi energetici
Sensor to apply on the counter

Note 1: the sensor is compatible with all meters with contractual power up to 45kW and does not require technical skills for installation.

Note 2: The system does not work correctly in the presence of third party systems that feed energy into the grid (eg photovoltaic).

Compatible with Alexa? Sure, install the skill!

DiCE SMART is compatible with Alexa, which means that you can use Alexa to give voice to ENERGY PACK.
Download the DiCEhome Skill and ask Alexa to interrogate the system to find out the real-time electricity consumption of your home!

Compatible with Alexa