Develop your IoT project with DiCEworld

We support SMEs and Startups to develop new IoT solutions that help people transform their spaces into sustainable, more efficient, comfortable and safer smart homes.

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Our acceleration platform is designed to realize your IoT projects, either starting from scratch or accompanying you in an already advanced stage of the process. We can support you on all three key pillars of developing a smart solution, from Firmware, to Cloud, to Mobile Application.

Why choose us

Passion and experience

We have been involved in IoT since before the term even existed, and we have been putting passion and experience on all your projects ever since.


Our greatest strength is our ability to meet customer needs, adapting tools, working methods and technologies to suit each individual project.

Competitive advantage

Thanks to our acceleration platform, we considerably reduce structure costs and time to market, winning features especially for a startup that wants to take its idea to market.

Our expertise

Smart Home
Health care
Ambient Assisted Living
Consumer electronic
Certification process

Our services

Technology consulting

We offer technology consulting services at all levels of your project, from prototyping to smart upgrades of existing devices.

Product design

We support you in shaping your ideas, from the concept of the electronic board to the final realization, always keeping our focus on the aesthetics of the product.


Our platform meets all security standards in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Certification process

We offer support services to achieve the necessary certifications apt and validate the product in order to place it on the target market.

Growth hacking

We take you through the entire journey of growing your business. Starting from the idea, to the definition of a product MVP, through the sales testing phase to the commercial launch.

Our clients

Our projects


In collaboration with SICURA CARE, we have created the first digital family assistant, which allows caregivers to stay close to their loved ones while respecting their privacy.


Commissioned by ABenergie, we built the first system capable of providing real-time spending and consumption data to private households.


The product that led us to the realization of our IoT platform. The first IoT hub with an innovative HMI to transform complex environmental data into simple messages using lights and gestures.