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Ambiental intelligence: future spaces increasingly tailored

We enclose ambiental intelligence and multidisciplinary technologies in IoT devices to create spaces that are increasingly tailored to individual needs.

Private and family spaces where your presence is interpreted by an artificial intelligence at your service; environments managed by highly technological solutions, but without the related complexities; systems that understand in real time your need in terms of safety, sustainability, monitoring, and adopt the appropriate solutions; automatic setting that self-adjust on your habits.

The future is now 

Ambiental intelligence looks at the future, but in DiCEworld we already offer you a new way to interact with your home, your habits and those of the people you love. Ambiental intelligence is at the service of your smart home.

Dispositivi IoT DiCEworld per la smart home

Smart, flexible and transparent solutions

Using ambiental intelligence within the smart home means creating intelligent solutions (they interact and create scenarios that are sensitive to your presence); flexible (they modify the functions according to your habits and needs); non-invasive (without cameras, bracelets, microphones, and equipped with protected data storage); transparent (they work without direct interaction and you will not even notice them) and user-friendly (they are controlled via apps, lights, colors and simple gestures).

Our solutions make your home more comfortable, safer and closer to your needs and those of your family.

IoT devices: the best technology with the easiest user experience 

We design and develop IoT devices so that they are really at the service of  home, family and every single family member: from adults who need to check the routine of elderly parents or children alone at home, to those who are often far away and intend to control and manage from remote energy consumption and household appliances, or check domestic activities.

We reserve for everyone new ways of interacting with their home and new ways of feeling closer to their loved ones. This is why we combine multidisciplinary technologies and ambiental intelligence to provide simple and immediate solutions.

Smart home? DiCEworld.

 Smart home DiCEworld: closer to the people you love 

Dispositivi IoT DiCEworld per la casa e la famiglia

Being close today often means just “being connected”. For us, physical proximity is irreplaceable and for this reason we create solutions that allow families to be really there when needed. Not only connected from afar but actually close.

That’s why DiCEworld’s smart home doesn’t just want to be closer to you, to your needs and those of your loved ones but, above all, we aim to allow you to be closer to the people you love. Wherever you are.

Con il dispositivo IoT DiCE SMART controlli e gestisci i consumi elettrici e gli elettrodomestici smart con semplici gesture
With the DICEhome application you remotely manage the IoT device DiCE SMART.

DiCEworld, your world. Wherever you are