Our partners are just like our devices:
smart, efficient and reliable

¬†DiCEworld’s partners

DiCEworld IoT devices comply with high-level environmental and technological standards. And, to guarantee them, we collaborate with companies that, just like us, aim to offer increasingly sustainable and efficient solutions.

Connectivity and interface


It is a wireless communication global standard in the Internet of Things field. It is installed on our controllers so that they can interact with lots of devices certified by Zigbee Alliance.

> www.zigbeealliance.org

works with Alexa

The DiCEworld system is certified and fully compatible with Alexa: you give her voice commands and the connected devices will perform the actions or provide the requested information.

> Amazon Alexa


Amazon logistics

This service allows us to offer fast Prime deliveries and fast and simplified sales in Europe to all our customers.

> Amazon Logistics

Amazon launchpad

This program is reserved for start-ups launching brands with cutting-edge products.

> Amazon Launchpad

Sensors and accessories


It is a Danish manufacturer of high quality ZigBee certified sensors for the fields of safety and home comfort.

> www.frient.com


It is a Dutch manufacturer of ZigBee certified intelligent lighting solutions.

> www.innr.com

Technology and environment

Silicon labs

This worldwide known industrial giant of electronic components is our reference point for the hardware and firmware development of the DiCE system.

> www.silabs.com


It is the main Italian system for the management of electronic waste, and the recovery and enhancement of its raw materials.

> www.erion.it